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We price it for win-win situation.


Free Software

We believe in win-win for both side. If you are offering free services, we will do the same for you.


Free Hardware

Not only the software, We will provide the required hardware for you for free also.


Free Support

We will build your online ordering system and host your website for free.

Time to obsolete your old costly POS


If you have already signed up with other costly POS system/providers, we will do our best to help you to do the switch. Saving can be up to 50% of your hardware cost.

POS system price comparison. (data capature on: Nov 12, 2017)

Name User Charge Module Charge Station Charge Hidden fees
TOAST unknown $200/month $99/month unknown
SQUARE $5/month $70/month+ (6%+0.6)/trans $49/month unknonw
REVEL unknown $40/month unknown unknown
CLOVER unknown $130/month unknown unknown
SHOPIFY unknown unknown $199/month unknown
SHOPKEEP unknown unknown $49/month unknown


Just like our system, test driving is one touch or click. There is no "Demo Request Form", nor download. While 99% of our competitors want your personal information, and most of them need you to download their software and install it into your own system.

To save your time, we have load the demo system with 3 differnt types of business. Try out the one that most likely to match your business. Passswords are 000 or 111 or 222 or 333

Please remember it is a Responsive POS, mobile user gets the mobile interface. Try it out with phone, tablet and desktop.


Dozens of high popular items, fit into one single screen for super fast access. Fits fast food, coffee shop, donut, nail, salon, etc.

touch_appDemo code:000


Goodies up to 30 categories, or close to 1000 prime items, with modification or combination, your customers choices are almost unlimited.

touch_appDemo code:000


Multilingual and international show off. Loaded with different languages to demonstrate system flexibilities.

touch_appDemo code:000
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