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KwickPOS Traditional Solution

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Independent from the internet, your own hardware.
Super faster, better for busy establishments.
On site support or remote support available.
KwickPOS Feature Highlights
  1. Web based: simple to use, easy to learning.
  2. Caller id: real time phone number catpture.
  3. Address auto completion: less spelling over the phone
  4. Address verification: your driver won't lost due to wrong address any more
  5. Real time seating status, multipule dining section/rooms/floor plan.
  6. Real time visualize mapping, making driver assignments with easy
  7. TouchScreen support: responsive.
  8. Multi-station printing, front, back, bar, fry, bagging. etc.
  9. Itemized lable printing
  10. Online order integration:
    • Automatic menu sync, say 'bye' to old manual updates
    • order 'buffer' system, say 'bye' to FAX machine and re-entry
    • Remote access, taking orders or manage reports from anywhere
  11. Data Sharing for multipule store,gift,points,etc.
  12. Compatible with your old hardware: NO new hardware to purchase.
  13. Credit card processing.
  14. Gift card managment.
  15. Customer loyalty, visits or points base programs.
  16. Employee time attendance/clockin system
  17. Advanced customer waiting system: time to obsolete the good old pager/paging system
  18. Mobile enabled: any mobile devices, handheld ordering.
  19. Menu Item Secheduling: happy hour, propomption, discounts.
  20. And much more, Click click demo to find out
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