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KwickPOS traditional solution
  1. Caller id support.
      No limit on phone lines, you can have 2 lines, 4 lines up to any lines you need. Caller id service need to turned on by your phone provider.
  2. I can't find the server
      KwickPOS is a tiny little black box, powered by 5V/2.5A phone power adapter. Consume less than 10W power. Saving both power and space.
  3. I know hard driver is easy to break, is my data safe?
      KwickPOS server does NOT use hard driver. It has no moving parts, no cooling fan, data will be much safer than the old fashion system.
  4. Printer's beep is too loud.
      Job 'beep' sound is used to notify busy workers, reminding them about the incoming tickets. For quiet dinning area, this beep can be turn off.
  5. Can I use my own computers/tablets/ipads/
      Yes, no speical software required for terminals, so, you can use any system you like.
  6. How much it cost?
      Depends on what you need, please send us email with your requirement. We will beat any competitor's price.
Cloud solution
  1. No printing
      A compatible printer needs to be setup in your system. Make sure your local applaction can print to it.
  2. No caller id
      Caller id enabled modems are required.
  3. Internet is down
      This is the risk we are taking for any cloud services. You can get a backup internet service(like a backup generator when there is a power outage). And your cell phone hot spot/sharing will be a good choice.
  4. Power is down
      The traditional solution can run with battery without any problems, very low power usage. If your terminals are battery powered laptops or tablets, business will be usual.
  5. Can my user/employee login directly
      Yes! In signin page, typing your 'site id' in email field, then the same password you created for your user.
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