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  • Barq s Root Beer or Coke Float DessertOur cool and creamy old fashioned floats.4.5
  • Bowl of OatmealQuaker oats old fashioned. Seasonal fruit and raisins.5
  • Bratwurst PlatePork and veal with old-fashioned spices. A delight.5.95
  • Buckwheat PancakesStraight from the mill, yeasty old fashioned pancakes, served with whipped butter and hot maple syrup. Yummy.9.99
  • Buckwheat PancakesStraight from the mill, yeasty old fashioned pancakes, served with whipped butter and hot maple syrup. Yummy.9.99
  • Corned Beef Hash and Eggs BreakfastOld fashioned corned beef hash.12
  • Grill Cheese PaniniOld fashion cheddar grilled cheese on whole grain or whole wheat bread.4.5
  • Hash Benedict BreakfastOld fashioned corned beef hash.13
  • Kheer Rice PuddingOld fashioned homemade himalayan style rice pudding with milk and sprinkled light spices.3.99
  • Kheer Rice PuddingOld fashioned homemade Himalayan style rice pudding with milk and sprinkled light spices.3.99
  • Large Old Fashioned Sundae2 generous scoops.10.95
  • LemonadeOld-fashioned, squeezed to order3
  • Liver and OnionsOld fashioned good eating, with onions cooked until mellow and sweet. (Cooked to order).5.99
  • Old Fashionedjim beam bourbon, muddled fruit, sugar, and a dash of bitters13
  • Old Fashioned Belgian Waffle*vermont maple syrup7
  • Old Fashioned Belgian Waffle*add fresh berries or banana & whipped cream with pancakes or waffle*3
  • Old Fashioned CheeseburgerWith Tillamook cheddar cheese10
  • Old Fashioned CheeseburgerWith Tillamook cheddar cheese10
  • Old Fashioned Chicken Salad SandwichMayo, b&b pickles, onions, tomato, onion, on focaccia.7.5
  • Old Fashioned DonutPlain, chocolate or maple.0.85
  • Old Fashioned Grilled 4 Cheesegrilled sourdough, provolone, cheddar, swiss, american6.79
  • Old Fashioned OatmealSlow cooked rolled oats, served with sides of raisins, brown sugar and berries.4.5
  • Old Fashioned Turkey Dinner DishOne of our original dishes, HoneyBaked turkey breast that is roasted and hand carved in house, with rich turkey gravy, stuffing and cranberry relish.10.25
  • Old Fashioned Wieners PlatePork sausage with mild spices.5.95
  • Petite Old Fashioned SundaeOne petite scoop.7.5
  • Regular Old Fashioned Sundae1 and one half generous scoops.9.95
  • Small Old Fashioned Sundae1 generous scoop.8.95
  • Thai Coconut CustardThe combination of sweet and salty in the same bite. Old fashion Thai dessert.7
  • The Original Old Fashioned Reubencorned beef, buttered & grilled marbled rye, swiss cheese, topped with sauerkraut and thousand island9.99
  • Thick Old Fashioned ShakesChocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or cherry.5
  • Tuna SaladMade the old fashioned way.10.5
  • Tuna Salad SandwichMade the old fashioned way.8.95
  • Tuna Salad SandwichOld-fashioned tuna salad, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and mayo. Served on whole wheat bread.9.9

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